Discover the wonderful symbolism of elephants

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Discover the wonderful symbolism of elephants

African Elephant Guesthouse offers a luxurious experience for all guests. Our earthy elephant themed decor throughout the living space embodies the spirit of good luck, wisdom, and protection that elephants are symbolic of. Elephants are earthly animal and is believed to have a connection to ancient knowledge. It is believed that using elephant symbolism in one’s household will invite good luck and fortune in while keeping any negativity out.

Attracting good fortune

Images of an elephant with its trunk raised is thought to attract good fortune, whether worn or placed in your home. It is said that the elephant is showering its positive energy out of the trunk and into all surrounding beings and spaces.

Positive energy

Elephants with their trunks down are said to be accumulating positive energy and pushing through obstacles. They are particularly powerful symbols for those seeking wisdom or strength. When you focus on the elephant in meditation, it could help you to access your inner wisdom, power, and overcome obstacles.

Power and friendship

A figurine or image of an elephant standing on its rear legs signifies power and protection. Two elephants crossing their trunks symbolise bonding and friendship, while two elephants, one of them without tusks implies a healthy relationship between men and women.

Wisdom and loyalty

As gentle giants, elephant symbolism can represent sensitivity, wisdom, stability, loyalty, intelligence, peace, reliability, and determination.


Elephant symbolism includes a virtue. Unless their herd or young are threatened, elephants are considered calm and having patience.

Elephants in feng shui

Elephants are considered to act as protectors and placing elephant statues at the front door is considered to be lucky.

Placed in your study, elephant statues, paintings, or symbols is said to bring career growth, knowledge, and success. A picture of an elephant on your desk is said to enhance your leadership qualities and enhance your performance under pressure. Placing brass elephants in meeting rooms is said to bring peace and prosperity at the workplace.

Elephant dreams

Dreaming of an elephant could suggest that you need to be more patience or that you’ve been holding onto the past for too long.

Discover African Elephant Guesthouse

Book your holiday at African Elephant Guesthouse today and be re-energised by the spirit of the continent’s gentle giant.

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