Self Catering Guesthouse

In simple terms, self-catering accommodation refers to a property that provides the necessary facilities for guests to cater for (ie cook) themselves. It can be a vacation home, townhouse, apartment, mansion or something more unusual like a tree house, yacht or even a boat. It could also be described as a holiday apartment or self-catering holiday accommodation.Whatever the size and type of property, self-catering accommodation means buying all your groceries and preparing your own meals. This gives guests the flexibility to set their own vacation schedule, meal times, menu and vacation budget. However, there is much more to a self-catering holiday home than just the kitchen.

Self Catering Guest Houses was once seen as a budget vacation option, where you might find mismatched crockery and dated, worn decor in a property that was only used a few weeks of the year, but things have changed a lot over the years. Today most independent holiday home-owners strive to provide a true 'home away from home' where you will find all the facilities you would expect from home and often more. While the budget and size of self-catering accommodation can vary significantly, there are a few things you can expect no matter where you stay.

What you can expect to have at a self-catering guest house:

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