Accommodation Types

When you are travelling or working in the tourism industry, it is important to understand what the different types of accommodation are. Fortunately, the tourism industry is multifaceted and diverse.

Catered accommodation

Types of accommodation can be separated into two categories: catered and not catered.

Catered accommodation provides the tourist with food. The food may or may not be included in the price.


Hotels are the most traditional and common types of accommodation.

Hotels can be large or on the smaller side They can be independently owned businesses, or they can be  a part of a chain of hotels.

Bed and breakfasts

This is a type of accommodation that offers a bed and a breakfast. The breakfast offered can range from continental to exotic.

Guest houses

A guest house is essentially a house that welcomes guests. There is a fine line between a guest house and a bed & breakfast. Guest houses are usually bigger than bed and breakfast accommodation. A home stay is intended to facilitate a deep cultural tourism experience for the whole family.

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